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Q: I know the hand stretcher was your idea, but where does it come from?

A : The roots are very far. My parents were teachers as my grandparents, and my sister. My grandfather was schoolmaster and cantor, and as we can read in the encyclopedia a "folk educer". He was a music fan. Till he lives, he teach his children also. My mother was only 6 when she played on a whole mass as cantor. (on the old and long Latin liturgy) I have heard first from my mother that, his father opinion was, her hand wasn't enough big to play Liszt or other masterpieces. She has a normal woman hand size: she reaches a 9th.

Q: But you are not become a teacher you chose a different way.

A: The music was one of the most important thing in my life. If you are a musician, you know the feeling, that you could play or practice hours, days and weeks permanently, the only thing what stops in that is you must sleep and eat. (I don't say the neighbors.)

But when it comes the time of the orientation for me, my family strongly suggest me to learn a "normal civil profession". So I become a chemist.

Q: So, we can say, you turn away from the music.

A: No, naturally I practice piano on. I was in permanent connection with the music and musicians.

Q: Does it helps to you in your idea?

A: If we talked about the questions of art and music, it was uneludeable the question of technical carry out of some hard pieces. There was some reverting questions: How can you comfortable play some intervals, accords, tremolos and runs.

Everybody agree with your hand can adapt and stretch in some degree.

First I didn't think about any device. I made stretching practices before every play, I saw some results (with years), but it was not too much. I known it must be a better way. It was confirmed when I firstly read about Chopin. He slept with wine cork between his fingers in his childhood, and he has legendary flexible hand. I try it, but i realized by the first time how dangerous game it is. After some time my fingers was cold and numbed. It easily can cause neuropathic damages.

I thinks again the solution of the problem, when I saw that, the musicians, can injury if they practices uncomfortable pieces. I call on my old friend MD Zsolt Molnár to think together and realize a safe hand stretcher to musicians. He has just call on the well-known hand specialist MD Balázs Lenkei he confirmed the most important things: The idea could work, can be safe, and could give relative fast results. The tissues between the fingers are suitable for stretching, and if we will stay on the safe way it will not have any negative consequence. He give instructions, and advises and he instantly planed a Study to verify it's effectiveness.

Q: Is it another turn in your career, or can you use something from your "good civil profession"?

A: By the choosing of the ideal materials there was helpful my studies in chemistry. The materials must be comfortable, light, safe, and durable with dynamically use. It is very important thing. We must ensure the maximal quality of our product, because the musicians entrust their hand to us. The product we made must be the best quality, and absolutely safe.

Additionaly I am grateful to Attila Csoma (he is famous about his own designed medical braces) for his help and ideas.

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