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Liszt's Hand Hand Stretcher (One Handed)


Of course, hard technical problems can occur on guitar and on other stringed instrument causes for the greater distances.

Such challenges occur more frequently by classical guitar or more string bass guitar furthermore on cello or double bass.

If you can solve these problems your play will be much smoother, you will not be limited by the tempo. So you can feel yourself more free while you are playing.


Your best and only safe way to increase your hand span to play the masterpieces as never before.

-The design is supported by physicians

-High quality materials. It is created by the same materials as the medical devices.

-Adaptive design.

-Dinamic hand stretcher.

-Durable materials. (High quality neoprene, soft shell, aluminium and steel alloys) - reliable like your car


If you have questions related to th product, don't hesitate to contact us: medicaladvice(at) or info(at)

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