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Nowadays everyday objects are fabricated for a few years. If you buy a fridge, a washing machine or a TV, you can be sure that its lifetime will be only a few years. It is a very unique thing if someone aspires for the durability. Fortunately there are some exceptions. If there was a kind of gasoline which is three times more expensive, but your car could go five times farther with that, the wise choice would be that gasoline in contrast with the normal one. Many people make a wrong decision in a similar situation, because they are thinking short time ahead. We know that the musicians know this situation very good. For practicing you need self-discipline, long-term strategies and plans.

That is the reason of we make a product from durable materials.


Neoprene is a synthetic rubber product. The shelf life of neoprene is much better than that of the natural rubbers (such as tires, or cloth rubbers). The military recommendation for the shelf life of normal natural rubber product is only 3 to 5 years but the recommendation for the shelf life of neoprene is comparable to a car. It can be 10 years.

The physical properties are remarkable.

The tear resistance of neoprene is excellent.

The high temperature range of neoprene is about +200ºF to +250ºF ~90-120°C.

In order to protect and care joints orthopedic textiles are used. To protect the joints, these textiles keep muscles warm to prevent shock. To produce orthopedic textiles, Neoprene foams have been traditionally used. 


The polyurethane is one of the most durable polymers, which was developed in the XX. Century. The investigation links to the researches of the famous chemist Prof. Otto Bayer. The polyurethanes have been used in the industry since the ’50s. It has many advantageous properties, so it has been developed more and more special attends.

Now there are many different types of polyurethane with excellent dynamic properties and long lifetimes. On the figures bellow you can see that the long-term pressure below 70°C make marginal long-term deformation on it. So we can use it for very long time.


Soft shell is a new type of material. It is a very flexible (four-way stretch) material that is used for technical clothes very often. It was the biggest jump since the membrane materials had been developed for clothing. It can soak in and volatilize sweat to make you feel lighter. Also, a relative thin layer protects you very well from the impacts of the outside environment (wind, rain, temperature).

Special alloys

Metallurgy is an old science, but chemistry was needed for the special alloys which are now commonly used. It is a known fact that most special alloys were developed because of the high level criteria of the super-sonic flight and space technology. We use special aluminium and steel alloys for our product. We needed a soft, flexible metal to adapt to the hand by the palm, but metal fatigue wasn't allowed.

By the thumb we needed a metal which is harder, but flexible enough to exert a permanent force. All metals must also be resistant to washing.

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