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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions

How does it work? 

The tissues between your fingers are limiting the independence of fingers in carrying out movements. They are limiting the angle and the arc which your fingers can reach. If you can stretch these tissues your playing skill is going to better.

You have to wear the hand stretcher twice a day and for minimum 30 minutes. As your tissues will stretch the independence of your fingers and the distance you able to reach will grow. 

Can I practicing in this?

By this aspect it is a passive device. You have to wear it only, and for the better result, do few exercises.

Doesn't Schumann tried same device?

There is a big folklore around his injury. There are many different stories. But the evidences are showing a very different picture. However we doesn't know all details but we know that he had serious problems and diseases related his hand before he had used any devices. He couldn't use his hand (exactly his 5th finger) adequately, but he desperately searched for any solution and the medical knowledge in his time was not in a high level, to say the least. To sum up, he had many diseases and he tried everything and some of the surgery or "medical care" causes more serious problems to him.

There was many different device on the market at his time which seems like a torturing device. He could have one or something similar device, but it is not sure at all.

And at the end of the story two very far and different thing were connected by the people, as is often the case by the gossip. 

There are very big differences between the scientific knowledge of Schumann's times and our times. It is enough, if we think about the materials of the gloves. Now we use only that kind of materials which didn't exist at his time. Moreover, some of the materials aren't older than two decades. 

Is it useful for guitarist also?

Of course! The flexibility of your hands is very useful for every musicians. It doesn't matter which instrument you are playing. (...except for mouth organ, perhaps) By the more stringed bass guitars, cello or double bass there are large distances, but the classical guitarist plays lot of transcriptions where the large distances occur frequently.

I think, my fingers are long enough. Could it help me?

The ability to reach larger distances and intervals are not the most important thing in a performance. But a flexible hand has more advantage than this. For example you need less positioning by the great and fast jumps, it results in less mistakes. You can realize legatos easier and not only by octavas or tied chords.

Shipping and Order

Is ordering online secure?

The server that hosts our web-shop encrypts of all personal information using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. All information you provide during the ordering is restricted to us.

Can you ship your product internationally?

Of course we can! We use the postal service. We send it as registered mail. (It is under the weight limit of the package)

The prices are different to the EU and to the other countries. There are safer countries, in the aspect of posting, and other where it is recommended to insure the package.

Why do you use the Postal service?

Because they have service to all over the world, we can send our product as registered mail, and the other courier companies are about 3 times expensive, moreover the packages are nearly always stopped by the customs. (Even if you don't need to pay any duties)

Why do you prefer the PayPal?

By online shopping the partners can not meet face-to-face, so we know that how important is the safety and the transparency. The most suitable system for it is the PayPal.

The buyer and the seller are also protected by here.

The currency in your web-shop is USD but I use another currecy. Can I order?

Yes, you can. But please note the exchange rates of PayPal are generally higher than rates of other banks. It is worth to set your own bank exchange rates.

How can I track my order?

We send you the product as registered mail. It has got a tracking number what we will send you. We send you that at the and of the week, when it was posted or after it surely left the country. (If some problem did occur, we could discuss with the post)

You can check your item's status on or there are other tracking sites for example the will send you e-mails about the changes of your item's status if you register.

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