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Piano player's dream

Many people has the misbelief if your hand is small, you can't be a good pianist. We have a good news for many poor-spirited pianists:

It is not true!

There is a solution for your problem.

You will be shocked, if you see our results!

Then you will be inspired because you have found the solution for your problem of many years.

Although music is an art and not sport, moreover the most immaterial art, but to creating music the humans are indispensable more so the musician must be bodily present. Every musician well knows that perfect physical and mental condition is needed to perform a long and virtuous piece at concert.

The worst thing is if your mind is limited by your physical barriers, therefore you feel smaller and insignificant. You can't express what is in your mind and soul, because you can't interpret it.

We can offer the solution. The masterpieces are closer than you think. If you examine the hands of the greatest masters of piano, you will find some similarity of their hands. Would you like also similar hands? Our solution is safe in contrast with many attempts in the history of music. If you are a musician your hand is one of your most important tools. We know you are not going to try a house-made or a bad quality product, because it can be very dangerous (e.g. instability of the first metacarpophalangeal joint due to insufficiency of the ulnar collateral ligament, etc.) But here you can choose the only safe way for your dreams to come true (if you have any question, please contatct our medical doctrors at medicaladvice(at-sign)

The hand-stretcher

Our hand-stretcher is the safest and the fastest way to stretch your hands. It exerts a constant pressure on the fingers. It can not over-stress your joints like the exercises without the device.

With the recommendation of MD Balázs Lenkei (Hand specialist, Board Member of the Hungarian Society for the Surgery of the Hand. This society is member of the greatest European and the international societies for the surgery of the hand: member of IFSSH and FESSH) 

How can you use it?

Use it twice a day for minimum a half an hour.

You can see the result after the first few try, but to the long-term effect, you must to use it for weeks.

For example before you try, you can reach a 10th near 11th. You are going to reach the 11th on the edge of the keys after the first use , but this effect disappears after a few hour, because the tissues returns to their original long. But if you are going to use the hand-stretcher no more than two weeks, the effect will remains permanently. Naturally you can use the hand-stretcher continue for more gain. Than you can calculate with the range above as your "original hand span".  


Increase Handspan on the Windsor International Piano Competition

Two of the best pianists will be awarded by a special prize on the Windsor International Piano Competition.

The competition will be held at The Parish Church of St John the Baptist, adjacent to Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world, from 15th July to 17th July 2015.

The competitors come all over the world with amazing repertoire and instrumental skill.  

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